I am a senior at Rosemount High School. Over four years at Rosemount I have attacked my education with a rigorous schedule of Honors, AP, and dual enrollment courses. I have taken 8 AP Courses at Rosemount High School, as well as 3 additional classes in which I earned additional credit.

University of Minnesota

My junior year of High School I took a College In Schools (CIS) French class in which I earned credit for the University of Minnesota course FREN 1003- Intermediate French I

Inver Hills Community College

I am currently taking a dual enrollment course where I am earning credit for an advanced computer science class at Inver Hills (CS 1136 - Algorithms and Data Structures with Java).

Normandale Community College

I am currently taking a dual enrollment course where I am earning credit for a Calculus 3 course at Normandale (MATH 2510- Calculus 3: Multivariable Calculus)

Augustana University

On February 1st I signed my National Letter of Intent to play football at Augustana University in Sioux Falls. I plan on pursuing a degree in either a computer science or something coaching related.

About me

I am T.J. Liggett, a senior at Rosemount High School (RHS) taking Advanced Computer Science: Data Structures, in which Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science is a prerequisite. It is a dual-enrollment course at Inver Hills Community College. I have signed my National Letter of Intent to play football at Augustana University in Sioux Falls.

At RHS, I’ve accumulated a perfect 4.0 GPA and rank first in my class of 507 students. My rigorous coursework rewarded me with a multitude of AP and dual-enrollment college credit. I was recognized as an AP Scholar with Distinction, and I was also awarded National Merit Scholar Finalist for scoring in the top 1% nationally on the PSAT my junior year.

Outside the classroom, I have worked vigorously for the opportunity to play collegiate athletics. I have competed at the Varsity level in four sports: football, wrestling, olympic weightlifting, and track. Being a student athlete teaches the importance of effort and discipline at all times. Days at RHS often started at 5:45 AM in the weight room and ended as late as 10:00 PM on the mat, track, or field, with a full plate of AP homework still on the table. Through my dedication I have received significant honors in all four sports at the Conference, State, and National levels. I was also voted Captain of the football team by my teammates. Besides athletics, I am an RHS Student Ambassador and participated in both French and National Honor Society.

As a senior, I am currently taking the highest computer science, math, and science courses offered at Rosemount. The Data Structures course I study is unique to any other in the district, and likely in the state. When I’m not studying or at practice, I spend a significant amount of time outside the classroom programming and learning new ways to utilize computers. I connected RHS to an international computer science organization known as Hack Club. I am seriously considering a career in the field of computer science, as I have a passion and interest in the field.









My Portfolio

Most of my experience is in Java, using the IDEs Eclipse and Processing. I dabble in JavaScript and HTML. I am taking CS 1136 - Algorithms and Data Structures with Java for dual enrollment at Rosemount High and Inver Hills Community College. I took Advanced Placement Computer Science and earned a 5/5 on the Advanced Placement Test

NFL Combine Project

Java & JavaScript, Processing

Berry Zeus


JavaScript, Processing

Raspberry Lanes

Java, Eclipse

Raspberry Lanes 2


Java, Processing

3D Grapher

Java, Processing

Football Simulator

Java, Eclipse



Java, Eclipse



JavaScript, Processing



Javascript, Processing (p5)



JavaScript, Processing

AP Computer Science

Java, Eclipse

CS 1136 - Algorithms and Data Structures with Java

Java & JavaScript, Eclipse & Processing


At Rosemount High School I have participated in four Varsity sports.


Augustana Football Signee, Rosemount Varsity Captain

Awards + Achievements

Academic All-State

Pat Tillman Award Recipient

2x Academic Athlete of the Year


2x District Champion

Section Champion

Olympic Weightlifting

85 & 94 kg weight class

Awards + Achievements

2016 State Champion

2016 Austin Nationals 3rd Place

State Record Clean & Jerk

20+ School Records

2017 State Runner Up

2014 State 4th Place

Track & Field

100 meter Sprinter

Awards + Achievements

2017 Academic All-State

2017 State Qualifier

Rosemount All-Time Honor Roll

2017 Conference Finalist

2017 Section Runner Up

2016 Hamline Elite Meet Invitee

2017 All-Conference Honorable-Mention


Varsity 220 pound Weight Class

Awards + Achievements

Academic All-Section

20 Wins

11 Falls

2 Year Letter Winner

Northfield Open 4th Place

Section 3AA 4th Place


SQUAT (lbs)


BENCH (lbs)


CLEAN (lbs)


100 METER DASH (seconds)

Youth Football Coach

At Rosemount I coached youth football for the Rosemount Area Athletic Association (RAAA) for six years. Coaching is an intense passion for me and I have enjoyed every minute of my coaching experience. Coaching is a way for me to make an impact on my community as well as on myself.

I coached hundreds of young athletes over my time with RAAA, and it has been a blessing to work with every one of them. As a varsity player, and before that just an older player, I was able to relate with the kids in a way adult coaches couldn't. One day at practice, I taught my players the new defensive coverage I was installing with a reference to Madden, the top football video game played by football fans of all ages. The kids never forgot that concept.

What I love most about coaching are the great sports moments I can help create. Sports moments occur at all levels, whether it be the Helmet Catch in the Super Bowl or a player's first tackle in 3rd grade football. These moments teach better than anything I have ever experienced. Through the game winners, the tough losses, and everything in between, we learn key lessons about effort, dedication, and teamwork.

2016: Rosemount 7th Grade Gold Defensive Coordinator

Last year, I drastically increased my role with the team by becoming the defensive coordinator for a team of 7th graders. My work consisted of writing a defensive playbook, planning out and executing the defensive part of practice, and teaching players both fundamentals and minutiae of the game. In addition to a playbook, I developed a gameplan each week to combat the opposing team's strengths. I can honestly say coaching this year was one of the best experiences of my life.



Here are some pictures of me playing sports.

2016 MN Weightlifting State Championships

Augustana Commitment Video

Contact Me

Next year, I will be attending Augustana University in Sioux Falls on an academic and athletic scholarship. I am playing football in the fall and have considered pursuing a computer science degree. I hope to find a career that combines my passions of computer science and football, but I am open to a career in either one. I have confidence I will have great success in any workplace due to my work ethic, leadership, creativity, intellect, and championship desire. I hope you will consider me as a potential intern or volunteer this summer. I am excited to contribute to your organization while gaining experience and knowledge that will benefit me both in college and as I begin my career.

Thank you for your time and consideration!